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Pokémon GO Mod Apk v0.29.2 – Join the Adventure!

Pokemon GO Apk Mod For Android

You may have heard of Pokémon Go – the hottest new mobile game of 2016, recently making international headlines, with online searches for it rising every day. Released across the world in July 2016 for Android and iOS devices, it quickly became the biggest trending topic for both gamers and observers alike.Pokemon Go Mod Apk

The good news is that Niantic Inc’s location-based augmented reality game is the game you’ve been waiting for since Gameboy Color went out of style. The bad news is that, though it has rolled out on Google Play Store in some countries, it’s still unavailable to many users world-wide. If you are lucky enough to live in Australia, New Zealand, Germany or the UK, then you can already boast of your superior Pokémon skills. And anyone living in Europe and some countries in Asia will be able to do so later this week. But the rest of us can only dream of finding Pikachu in our back garden.

Luckily for you, we are sharing the Pokémon Go Apk on here, so you can now play the game regardless of where you are!

Best Pokemon Mod Apk For Android

Pokémon Go works on both Android and iPhone devices. It interposes its virtual world on our real world in real-time, creating a reality populated with as many fascinating monsters as you care to find. It is, effectively, a unique world, which is yours to tame and explore. And there’s an added benefit, too. Because of Niantic’s innovative Real World Gaming Platform, which for the first time allows it to combine real locations with digital reality, players will find themselves quite literally exploring their environment. Here’s your chance to get all that exercise you’ve been putting off – and catch a Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise at the same time.

Download Pokemon Go Mod Apk / Unlimited Pokeballs / Fake Gps Location For Pokemon GO


Pokémon GO will use the camera on your smartphone to project its virtual reality, allowing you to find Pokémon, capture them, and then trade or battle with your friends. There are over a hundred species of Pokémon – so get out the door and get hunting! If you like to travel, this is a great opportunity to visit your surrounding cities or towns, or even travel the globe in your quest to catch ‘em all. How will you know when a monster’s near? Your phone will vibrate to tell you when you’ve found one. And now that you’ve spotted it, simply use your touch screen to aim and launch a Poké Ball. Easy. (Of course, the Pokémon may try to get away from you – so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get one on your first try.)

Download Pokemon Go Apk Unlimited Mod

Make sure to look for PokéStops in your neighborhood too. These can be all kinds of places – public art galleries, monuments, museums or historical locations. You can find Pokéballs and other useful items here – while seeing new places at the same time.

[Mod] Pokemon GO Joystick for Android

Pokémon Go is free-to-play, but you can also buy pokecoins for money. If you don’t intend to spend your hard-earned cash on Pokémon, then make sure to set up password protection for purchases. You can do that through the Google Play Store, in the app settings.
Start your journey to become a Pokémon Master today – join Pokémon GO Mod Apk. Have fun – and remember to look where you’re going!

What’s new in Pokémon GO Apk v0.29.2

Pokemon GO Mod Apk 0.29.2 now supports the new Android 7.0 “Nougat”, but there’s still a problem with tablet compatibility which isn’t ironed out in this version.
-> No need for trainers to keep entering their username and password after a forced log-out.
-> There is now more stability in the Pokémon Trainer Club Account Log-in process.
-> Some issues that had caused the game to crash have been resolved.
-> Google Account scope has been fixed.

Some tips and advice:
• To level up and increase your chance of finding new Pokémon, explore your area as much as possible.
• Pokémon Go interacts with your real-world reality – so you’ll only find Pokémon if you walk around.
• You can often find items and gyms at your local landmarks. So if you want to find new items or you’re out of Pokéballs, head to your local museum. Historical landmarks, sculptures, public art installations and galleries are also great places to look.
• Got an egg? Get on your walking shoes! It could take 2-5 kilometers of walking for it to hatch.
• If you’ve got some cash to spare, consider buying Pokémon Go Plus. Nintendo announced its launch in July to accompany the app – so you can now pre-order Pokémon Go Plus on Amazon.
• Gym battles are a great way to gain experience and make new friends. Defend your local gym, or assign your Pokémon to protect it against rivals. As your Pokémon evolve you’ll be able to win more battles and make a name for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get going, trainer – your quest awaits!

NOTE: It isn’t safe to walk on roads in search of Pokémon! So we’ve got a hack for you in Pokemon Go Apk Mod.

Spoofing Location or Faking GPS Location or Go Anywhere Without Moving in Rooted Android Mobiles/Tablets


Requirements For Pokemon Go Mod Apk For Android
• Root
• Xposed Framework

• You don’t have to walk on roads with the Auto Walk Hack
• You can play game even if your country is not supported

Pokemon Go Ultimate Hack

• Download and install Pokemon GO from the links below
• Download and install the Hide Mock Location Module app from the links below
• Download and install Mock Location (FAKE GPS) app from the links below
• Activate the Hide Mock Location Module using Xposed Installer
• Open the Hide Mock Location App
• Select Pokemon GO in the app and reboot your device
• Open the Pokemon GO app and minimize it
• Open the Mock Location (Fake GPS) App
• Press and hold on your current location and then press and hold on the location where you want to go
• After selecting your route, click on the green tick button on the top left
• Set speed to 40 :20
• Open Pokemon GO right away – and you’re all set to start walking in the app!
• You can now enjoy Pokemon GO from your sofa (though you may find it fun to get out the door anyway).

Pokémon Go Apk App For Android (58 MB)
Hide Mock Location Module For Xposed (1 MB)
Mock Location (FAKE GPS) App For Android (2 MB)

TO hack, use any one of the methods below.
Method 1:

Fake Gps Location For Pokemon Go Android

1). Download the Lucky Patcher Apk, and go to the “rebuild and install” option
2). Choose the FakeGPS app in the archive and select Install as System app. Your phone will reboot.
3). Go to your location settings and set “Device Only”
4). Now go to the FakeGPS settings, and untick all the options
5). Next tick only Expert Mode

Method 2:

[Trick*] Play Pokemon Go Without Moving|Fake Location/Fake GPS

1). Install the Xposed Module Apk “Mock Location”
2). Tick mock location in developer options
3). Open the module, and select Pokémon Go
4). Go to your location settings and set “Device Only”
5). Install Fake GPS

To play with Method 1 and 2:
1). Now open FakeGPS, set a location in your city, and open the game.
2). Done! You’re at the spoofed location!
3). When you’re ready to move, set the spoofed location a little farther away.

[29/07/2016] [Latest][Recommended]: This method gives you navigation buttons within the game so there’s no need switch between FakeGPS and the game all the time.
1). Install the Xposed Module apk called “Xposed Pokemon”
2). Enable Xposed Pokemon Module in Xposed Framework
3). Restart your device
4). Open the Xposed Pokemon application
5). Touch the map to set the start location. A marker will appear on the map
6). Select “Start” on the list.
7). A small window with arrows will appear.
8). Open the Pokémon game and wait for it to load
9). You will now start at the selected location on the map
10). Use the arrow keys to move in that direction

Anti-Ban Guide:
1). Dont jump to far away places too quickly! Go step by step in small distances.
2). Be aware that Pokémon Go has a mechanism which is sometimes able to bypass the spoofer and get your real location. This could lead to you being banned.
3). But don’t worry! To avoid that, just do the following:
4). In your home, find a place where GPS doesn’t work. For example, go to google map and set device only in this location, and use a place where the game cannot find your location.
5). Use the hack at this location.
6). You can also use the XPOSED Module Apk “Root Cloak”, to prevent root detection.
7). Finally, you can download a disable service app from the play store and switch to system tab, and inside location service, untick all the options.

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NOTE: Many websites claim that they have hacked this game. But either that hack will not work or will get your account banned. The Damnritch hack is ANTI-BAN. Follow the instructions correctly, and you’ll be a Pokémon Master in no time!

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