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How To Fix Pokemon Go Not Loading Problems & Errors

How To Fix Pokemon go Not Loading Problem: Pokemon Go is the revolutionary name in the world of gaming, which become a addiction for all the fans of pokemon go.The day that pokemon go started its journey it attracted all the game lovers and stood as the most downloaded game of the world.From the day Pokemon Go entered in the market, gamers started to play with lots of anxiety and excitement and everyone started enjoying to find the Pokemons. Pokemon Go is a game where player needs to walk in the real world to catch pokemon this fresh idea made all the game lovers to love and play Pokemon Go.


  How To Fix Pokemon Go Not Loading Problem


Users of Pokemon go are continuously reporting a problems like Pokemon go not loading, Infinte loading on the screen, Lot of time to load,Pokemon go not loading and many more, here we provide a clear information in this article on how to overcome all Pokemon go Infinite Loading Problem .

Pokemon Go Not Loading or Infinite Loading:

After downloading the game successfully every user is first asked to log in through Google or Pokemon Trainer club to start the game.Probably every one will be facing the problem here of Pokemon go not loading.Some times it keep on loading for much time and a pop up will displayed on the screen saying that infinite loading on the screen.

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After logging in with the google account or Pokemon trainer club if the Pokemon go not loading and if it is still loading for a long time then here is the solution for that.
Pokemon go not loading is the problem occur due to the heavy load on the main server of the pokemon go.If many people are log in at the same time automatically server gets slow down and it takes much time to load.In this case infinite loading will be shown on the screen which means you can not play pokemon go right now.It is advised to stop loading after seeing the pop up on the screen.


Pokemon Go Not Loading Solution

Here we provide a trick for pokemon go not loading, we suggest you to clear all apps running in the background and restart the phone before logging in to the pokemon server.By doing this you will definietly see the difference and pokemon go not loading problem will be solved easily.It may not work out if the server is very busy and you have to wait patiently for your turn.

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