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Download Pokemon Go APK Android App, Pokemon Go IOS App:

Download Pokemon Go APK Android App,Pokemon Go IOS App:

Want to download Pokemon Go APK and don’t know how to download it? Then this is the perfect place where you can completely know about Pokemon Go, How To Download pokemon go APK Android App in your device? How to download pokemon go App in your IOS device? and How to install pokemon Go in your PC ?

download pokemon go apk
Pokemon Go is the most trending name today in the world of gaming.Every one wants to play the game and enjoy the game, but many of them are facing problem in downloading Pokemon Go Apk for Android.No problem, Here i will guide you complete information and step by step process to download pokemon go Apk for android and Pokemon Go App for Ios.

Pokemon Go APK Android Guide:

Pokemon Go have made its own way in the world of gaming which have launched a couple of months ago with version 0.29.0 on july 16 2016.First version of Pokemon go have received a tremendous results and made lack’s of users of it.Today, Pokemon go has the highest downloads in a very short time all over the globe.Pokemon Go Apk android have been downloaded by more than 40 million people all over the world and Ios users of more than 35 million.
Pokemon go is the cartoon kids show of 90’s which was very popular at that time.Every kid of 90’s were a huge fans of this show.Keeping this in mind, Ninatic group have developed Pokemon go game which have become hot cake in the internet world.Pokemon Go have been released officially in Autralia, Newzeland, USA and Philliphines.But after knowing the taste of game every one from different parts of the world want to download pokemon go apk android and enjoy the game.Ninatic group have announced that Pokemon Go Apk android will be soon available in India, Singapore, China, Canada and Japan with in very short time.

How To Download Pokemon Go APK Android Appliction:

Pokemon Go is the augmented reality game which is developed by Ninatic group.To play this game the gamer should walk in their real life in search to find pokemon’s.Once the pokemon is found you need to hit the pokemon with the pokeballs.Every Pokemon Go user will be initially given 50 pokeballs and 10 pokecoins.By using pokecoins you can exchange them to pokeballs.Gamer account will be loaded by pokecoins immediately after finishing the level.If the pokecoins are completely finished in your account you can buy them from the store or by gaining the pokecoins at pokestops and joining your pokemon at pokemon gym.

download pokemon go apk
People of Autralia,US and UK can officially download the pokemon Go Apk android from the google play store and can install it in your device.Users of IOS can also download the pokemon Go IOS application from Apple store.Once you install the game in your handset all the updates on the pokemon go apk android will be given by the Ninatic group.Where you can update and enjoy the new look of pokemon go.

Step By Step Process To Download Pokemon Go Apk Android Application Officially:
  • Open Google Play Store In your Android Device.
  • Top Of the Screen you can see search box
  • Click on Search box and Enter Pokemon Go
  • Results of Pokemon Go will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on Pokemon Go with Pokeball Icon.
  • Then Click On Install
  • You will be asked to “Accept” Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Accept
  • It takes few minutes to install in your device.
  • Once the installing is finished.
  • Open the app and complete all your sign in process and enjoy the game.

download pokemon go apk

                                                                 Download Pokemon Go APK

How To Download Pokemon Go in IOS Device:

If you are in the region where pokemon go is officially available then by following the simple steps given below you can easily download Pokemon Go to any of your ios device.Here i provide the step by step process to download pokemon go to your ios device.

  • Open the I Tunes In your Iphone or ios device.
  • Search For Pokemon Go
  • Click on Download and Install
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Pokemon Go will be installed in your device with in no time.
  • Sign in with Pokemon Go Account and Enjoy the game.
Step By Step Process To Download Pokemon Go Apk Android:


download pokemon go apk
Pokemon go is not released officially all over the world but most of the countries started playing Pokemon go.You can also play pokemon go and enjoy the game by just following the instructions given by me and you can easily download pokemon go apk android in your device.
To install Pokemon Go Apk Android application in your device it is advised to change the settings of your handset as i guide you.

  • You need to allow your Handset to receive, Run and install from any device,To do so.
  • Go to Settings of Your Handset
  • Their You can Find “Security”
  • Click on Security
  • On the bottom of the screen you can see “Unknown Sources”
  • Turn on the Unknown sources
  • Download Pokemon Go Apk Android Apllication from Play Pokemon Go APK Web Portal.
  • Their you Can Find Download Pokemon Go Apk Android Application Box.
  • Click on it.You will be asked to confirm it
  • Click on OK
  • With in no Time Pokemon Go Android Application will be downloaded in your device.
  • Open the Notifications of your Handset.
  • Their you Can Find Pokemon Go Android application File
  • Open the file and click on install.
  • Once it is installed complete all the sign in formalities and enjoy pokemon go.
How To Download Pokemon Go in Your Ios Device:

To download Pokemon go for your iphone or any other ios device where pokemon go is officially not released , then follow the instructions given by me which will help you to download safe pokemon go in your IOS device.

download pokemon go apk
You must make your I phone confirm that you are in the region where you can download pokemon go in your device, To do So.

  • Go To Settings
  • Click on Apple ID and Log out Your Apple Account.
  • Once The log out is Finished Go to home and clear all the back ground apps
  • Go Back to Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Language & Region
  • Set Your Region ( Australia, Newzeland,UK and US) Where Pokemon game is officially available.
  • Select any one country and set your region.
  • Once you are done with this process.
  • You can open the apple store and search for pokemon go and download it to your device.
  • If you don’t find free Pokemon Go in the store then create New Apple Id and Try it again.

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