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How to Login to Gmail on Android Device Using Gmail App/Browser

Login Gmail App on Android: In this digital world, email id has turned out to be one most important thing. People didn’t really cared about email decade ago, but now we always have an email column for everything. Everybody has an email today, and its very useful.Today for accessing any account online, you need an email id and password. Email has got great value because of the safety features it provides.

What made us upgrade to Email Safety?

For the security reason, we always asked to enter email id while signing up or any account online to keep our personal information safe. Well, how does that work? The easy way to explain this is, you always use an email id while logging in or signing to any of your accounts. So, as a safety measure, all the information you have entered will be sent to a server, you also receive an email to the email id you have provided, then you can login using the email that you have provided.

And then what you have to do is to login to your email to check for the email you receive from the place where you have signed up or signed in. Mostly, you’ll notice another step where you won’t be able to respond back into the email from where the email is sent. The emails are sent only for the security purposes, but this is how it works. Check out the steps below:

  • One safety measure, that email takes is, it will always notify you of emails wherever your email has been used.
  • The other safety measure is whenever you enter your email, you need need to confirm your login whenever you login using your email id. You’ll receive a message that you need to enter the confirmation code which will be sent to your email id.

These two ways will help the email users to keep their information safe. There are so many different ways to confirm, which makes your log in much easier. Now there are different ways we can login to your email account, you can either use a web browser or an App. It is much safe to use an authorized device where you can login using an App other than the browser.

And when it comes to the best email service, Gmail stands out as the best. Gmail works the best with the Android device as Gmail and Android are both the products of Google which make them work very good together. You’ll definitely require a Gmail Account (Google Account) if you have an Android Phone because Android works on Google. And also in order to access the Playstore, calendar and other Google Apps on Android you’ll need a Google Account. Android Phones comes with an Inbuilt Gmail App. So here, im going to tell you How to Login to your Gmail Account directly from your android device.And also how to synchronize your Gmail Account on your Android device.

How To Get Gmail App on Android| How to Access Gmail on Android Phones

If you use a Browser to Login to Gmail in your Android Device, you’ll need to login everytime you wants to access Gmail. But you can also save your Login ID and Password in your browser, which may not be safe. So, You can access Gmail using the Gmail App on your Android Device. If you dont have Gmail App installed on your device, You can Download it from the Google Playstore.

Login to Gmail using the Web Browser on Android Phone:

  • Open a browser from your android device.
  • In the Url bar enter https://mail.google.com  / gmail.com .
  • Now you can find the Gmail Login Page.
  • If you already have an Account you can enter your Username and Password, you can also select keep me logged in or Remember password if you want and click Login.
  • If you dont have an Account, Create a New account and follow the Above steps to Login.

Login to Gmail Using Gmail App on Android Device:

  • You need to Download Gmail App on your Android Device if you dont have it installed already.
  • Now Open Gmail App, and provide the login Details and click Login.
  • You’ll be asked to synchronize your Gmail account with Android Device. So follow the steps for synchronization.
  • You can see a synchronization window on your screen, wait for it to be Synchronised.
  • Once the Synchronisation is done, you’ll be notified whenever you get a new email to your Gmail.

So this is the Guide for How to Login to Gmail Account using Gmail App or Browser on Android Device.


Updated: May 1, 2017 — 1:29 am

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